Google Adds Check-in to Latitude

Google recently announced that the Latitude application for Google Maps 5.1 has added a new check-in feature. Google has decided to follow suite of sites like Foursquare, Facebook, and Gowalla who have their own check-in features.

Google’s Latitude app is a feature that enables you to see where your friends are so you can meet up with them or share where you are with them.

The new check-in feature allows you to check-in at different places, such as restaurants and music venues. You can let your friends know where you are and gain status points by becoming a “Regular,” “VIP,” or “Guru.”

You will also be able to add content to that location by adding pictures, comments, and reviews. Latitude will also allow you to see where your friends have checked-in around you.

For privacy concerns, checking-in is completely optional. Not only that, but you can control who can see you on the Google application and who cannot. Latitude will also automatically sign you out when you leave.

The downside to this application is there are no social media connections — you can’t broadcast the news on Facebook or Twitter. Latitude also has no coupons or incentives and no badges you can earn. Though there is nothing too exciting about it right now, Latitude could potentially grow in the future and add new features.

This app is available for the Android, as well as Apple’s iPhone. I’d encourage you guys to check out this new application and give it a test run.


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