Google *beta* Play goes through growing pains

Earlier Google Play had a bug. That’s vague, sorry. Google Play has had bugs on mulpitle recent occasions. Not much less vague I guess.

March 26th bug

Would you like a random Russian MTC Mobile Mail app installed on your device? Oh you wouldn’t? Too bad, there was an automatic update for a carrier-installed app pushed out to Samsung phones in the “My Apps” section of Google Play.

They’re currently working on a fix for the “My Apps” issue.

Have you actually experienced it?

I have indeed experienced troubles with Google Play myself.

Anecdotal at best, I saw first hand the breakdown when I released a new app on Google Play on March 31. On April 3rd and 4th, neither mine, nor the 20 something other apps that I tested were accessible on the marketplace. I tested about once every couple hours, to no avail.

Not a good day for sales.

April 23rd Bug

This bug was a little more widespread and well reported. The “Top Paid” section disappeared, and only direct links to apps within the store worked. Searches for paid apps wouldn’t list them in the results. That would be bad by itself.

If you actually were able to load a paid app, attempting to purchase it resulted in an error. The downtime lasted most of the day, and the resolution took place over time, reports from The Verge:

We might not be entirely out of the woods just yet, but we are seeing some paid apps appear again on both the web front to Google Play and within the Android client — in both cases we were able to successfully purchase apps. There are still some gaps in the listings in both places, but it appears that Google is bringing everything back online.

The ‘beta’ pass

When is the tech community going to stop giving Android and Windows Phone ‘beta’ passes? Bugs and crashes like this shouldn’t happen – we should expect more, not less, from the tech leaders. Android isn’t going to stay ‘the leader’ for long if it continues to offer a sub-standard experience on the marketplace.

Then again, maybe that’s why Android users fail to buy apps at the rate iOS users buy apps.

Image Source: The Verge

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