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Three things that I love well adore are Google Chrome, Twitter, and Facebook  just had the perfect baby. Introducing the Tweetdeck app for Google Chrome. No more need to download the Tweetdeck desktop program, just go ahead and install this on your Chrome browser. What I love about this app is that its not only Twitter that it integrates over but also Facebook, Foursquare and Google Buzz. Now lets get down to the basics of this app.

First install Google Chrome if you do not have it, trust me its a great browser. To download click over to the Chrome installation page here. Now after installing Chrome, take a second and enjoy Internet browser heaven. Next install the Tweetdeck app on Chrome, to do so click over to the Google Chrome Web store. (Note: Having a Twitter & Facebook account are essential to actually using this app productively)

Awesome now that you are totally installed and ready to go, lets talk about the ins and outs of the page. After installing all of your social networks feel free to browse over all the new columns to the right. Looking at my screen shots you will see the four columns I have set up: two Twitter account feeds, a #hashtag search for #mpsmis, and my business Facebook page feed. Don’t worry you can add how ever many columns you need. I currently have seven.  After running this app for a couple days I noticed that the Twitter updates are instantaneous, and never lagged. The Facebook notifications seem to lag by a couple minutes but that’s not too extreme in my eyes.

Lets talk about the Compose box next. Probably the coolest feature on here is the all versatility of the box offers. Let me list what I have done from the compose box.

  1. Post a tweet
  2. Post a Facebook status (no tagging friends just yet)
  3. Upload media straight from my computer
  4. Add my location from an update or tweet
  5. Send a message via  my Twitter account
  6. Shortens links down with (just like

Other than the awesome compose box, overall this app is pretty rad. The streamline of accounts make managing your accounts 100% easier. Since I installed this, I haven’t been to the Twitter page in weeks, Facebook I’m still having to check in daily. So social networking addicts, like myself, rejoice your ultimate Chrome app is here. ***By the way they just updated the app, so if you don’t want to click over to the download page, check out my screen shot of the listed updates.

Screen Shots / My Macbook

Links to Google Chrome and Tweet Deck App

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