Google Glass Gets Stylized In Nerd Glass Form

I had lunch with my friend, Jesse, this last week.  He strolled into our lunch location wearing his Google Glass and exhibiting a common problem.  For those of us who already wear glasses, adding on a second layer just doesn’t work well.  A struggle exists with pragmatism of the fit of your glasses, what to do when outside (switching to prescription sunglasses), and how to make Google Glass play nice with the prescription that allows you to not walk into doors or cause traffic accidents.

Google Glass is reported looking at a prescription addition by the end of 2013.  However, the masses have grown weary and come up with their own solutions.  Jesse’s temporary hack was to attach Google Glass directly to his own pair.  That solution was short-lived.

Sourcebits has come up with their own, more stylized and functional option.  This pair is more balanced and as a benefit, has a a true nerd glasses design to fit the true nerd wearer.

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  • valapsp

    that’s truly beautiful. Take note Google you still have time.