Google is Rolling Out Invites for Google Glass

You might remember the early days of Gmail, when you had to be “invited” by one of your friends to get an account. Google has done it with several of their emerging products in the past, and other companies have used the same concept (you’re not still waiting for your Simple Bank invite, right?)

From this screenshot email one Google Glass Explorer received just earlier tonight, it looks like they’ll be doing the same thing for Google Glass. The email specifically says that the user can invite ONE friend to get Google Glass, provided they meet the basic requirements set forth in the Glass terms.

My friend Chad already got his pair, so I’m hoping when he receives his one invite to give away, he’ll throw it my way. You’re listening aren’t you, Chad?

Google Glass Invites

[Source: Ryan Mott Google+]


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  • Phillip Molly Malone

    :( Still US only!

  • Matt Gajownik

    Interesting that it doesn’t mention a $1500 price tag. I wonder if that’s on purpose or they overlooked it.

  • Phil Quinn

    If anyone has an invite and can’t find a friend to join, I will be your friend.

  • Gilberto

    Please :D