Google+ Hits 25 Million Visitors Faster Than Any Other Social Network Site

For those of you who didn’t think Google+ could compete with any other social network site – I know I’ve had my suspicions – the company is trying to prove everyone wrong. They’re doing a pretty good job so far. Google+ has reached 25 million visitors in less than a month, which is faster than Facebook and any other social network. And, according to ComScore, users are also spending more time using Google+.

Google+, which the company started in late June, is their last effort to compete with other social networkingcompanies such as Facebook – which has more than 750 million users. According to ComScore, Google+, which allows users to connect with and manage groups of friends, “added about 5 million visitors in less than a week to reach about 25 million.”

Andrew Lipsman, ComScore’s vice president for industry analysis, said that activity on the website is continually increasing. The average number of days that the service was used by U.S. users rose an incredible 39 percent in the seven days ending July 17. The following week it rose another 11 percent. That’s 50 percent more activity than the week ending July 10; quite a difference over two weeks.

It seems that Gmail is a key factor in why Google+ has become more popular. Lipsman says, “If you think about it, Gmail is where your social network through Google is likely to exist.” Lipsman estimates that 20 percent is the magic number for social network sites; once a market hits that number, that’s when they “become firmly established”.

So, is faster always better? Or is this just a stroke of luck for Google+?

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