Observation: Google Glass Was All But Absent From Google’s Huge Event Today

Google I/O 2013, Google’s largest developer conference (with more than 6,000 attendees) highlighted some great new additions to Android, Maps, Search, Chrome, Google Play, etc. But the megalith in the room was the one product people were most excited about, but got barely a passing mention: Google Glass.

Larry Page capped off the 3.5 hour keynote with a Q&A session and only mentioned Google Glass when asked about the potential opportunities and production. “I don’t know what the production numbers will be,” Page responded.

So with more than a dozen keynote presenters and demonstrators, how many of them were wearing Google Glass?

  • Vic Gundotra – Nope!
  • Sundar Pichai (Chrome, Android, Apps) – Nada!
  • Hugo Barra (Android) – Nope.
  • Ellie Powers (Android) – Nein.
  • Chris Yerga (Apps) – Niente.
  • Linus Upson (Chrome) – Sorry.
  • Amit Singhal (Search) – Not here.
  • Johanna Wright – Not this gal.
  • Brian McClendon (Maps) – Whoops.
  • Bernhard Seefeld (Maps) – Nope.
  • Jonah Jones (Maps) – A big nope.

Google has already shipped over 10,000 units of Glass to developers and beta testers and those willing to pay $1500 for the privilege of looking like futuristic Silicon Valley Borg. But why wouldn’t Google give the product that’s on everybody’s mind some more air time at Google I/O?

One possibility is that Google Glass just doesn’t have much to offer right now, beyond photo taking. It’s one of those products that will rely heavily on the innovativeness of others in order to build an ecosystem that will sustain the centerpiece eyewear. Google wants to rely more heavily on others to do its marketing, so that the product doesn’t become another force-fed piece of shinyware. This could prove to be a very smart move. For all its naysayers, there are plenty of people who want to see the Glass project reach its potential.

But couldn’t at least one presenter have worn it? Take a picture of the crowd maybe? Throw us a frickin’ bone here!

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