Google+ Is Making Holiday Pictures Magical With Auto Awesome

Google Plus

Those of us uploading our photos to Google+ this month have definitely seen some fun additions to the Auto Awesome feature.  Along with creating gif’s or movies of our photo filled days we are now seeing sparkles and snow.  There is a fun feeling of excitement when I look at my phone to see that I have an Auto Awesome notification from Google+.  You can turn off the feature if you don’t like it, but I don’t see why you’d want to.  Google takes the photos you’ve uploaded and makes them…Awesome. (Read more about what Auto Awesome is HERE.)

Upload a photo of the snow scene outside your window, and soon it will be enhanced with snowflakes falling from the sky.  Even better, upload a picture of your Christmas tree, or your neighborhood decorated in lights.

Suddenly your picture goes from fun, to exciting (or, should I say Awesome?).

Non Twinkle

No Snowflakes

If you download the most recent version of the Google+ app on your phone, they’ve made it quite easy to add snow to any picture you want.  All you have to do is shake your phone while viewing the photo and the snow will start falling.  If you like it, just shake it again and the picture will save.

It’s just a fun little feature, but this may be what people need to get excited about Google+.  I do feel that Google is living up to what they promised a few months ago when they announced upgrades to the site.  My photos are being organized and improved upon while I am able to spend more time in the moment and less time sorting through albums.

Check out the #AutoAwesome pictures people are sharing, and see what you can add.

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  • Nancy Reid

    So cool!