Google+ Passes Twitter, Hits 343 Million Monthly Users

Google+ just passed Twitter to become the world’s 2nd largest social network.

Surprised? I was. Here’s some background behind that statistic.

Monthly users

According to a study by GlobalWebIndex, Google+ has 343 million monthly users, compared to Facebook’s 693 million and Twitter’s 288 million.

The key word here is monthly users. Certain types of users, such as photographers, are very active on Google+. However, Twitter and Facebook users in general are much more active.

How did Google reach #2?

With its connections to YouTube and Google search, Google+ has a strong user base to pull from. Google search gets an estimated 670 million hits per day (7,750 per second), while YouTube brings in 490 million visits.

Like it or not, Google+ continues to grow

The number of people using a social network is crucial. People don’t want to use a social network — and advertisers don’t want to pay — if nobody’s on it.

In the beginning, Google+ fans invited all of their Facebook friends to join them – but very few did. Why? They didn’t see the need to. All of their friends were already on Facebook. Now, Google uses its other services to nudge more and more users towards Google+.

This is great news for Google+, but this statistic only gives a small glimpse of the big picture. Is Google+ profitable for Google? For advertisers?

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Data and estimates obtained from and Wolfram Alpha.

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