Google Play Bans This NSA-esque App For Girlfriends

You think the NSA’s scary? This app puts spying power into the hands of someone even more terrifying: paranoid girlfriends.

“Boyfriend Tracker” is exactly what it sounds like, but probably even more extreme than you think.  Let me explain (I imagine tracked boyfriends everywhere are saying the same thing) :

This app allows you to track your mate’s location, monitor call history, get duplicates of their texts forwarded to your phone, and even force their phone to silently call yours in order to hear exactly what they’re saying.

Suspicious girlfriends first need to sneakily download the app onto the boyfriend-in-question’s phone. Although the disclaimer states the trackee needs to provide consent, you can pay $2 a month to mask the icon, making this app’s nature blatantly deceptive if you ask me.

This Brazilian app has been downloaded 50,000 times since its release two months ago. Despite it’s apparent success, it has raised a lot of privacy concerns and poses a potential threat as a tool for malicious stalking. Google Play removed the app from their store last week.

App creator Matheus Grijo says “People really appreciate having a tool help them find out whether or not they’re being cheated on.” Because who needs trust — there’s an app for that.

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