Google Play Info Cards Will Reveal Actor’s Info During Movies

Google Play MoviesYou know the feeling of being really into a movie until an actor pops on screen that you recognize, but just can’t figure out from where?  You are no longer able to focus.  You try to figure it out, then give up and go to IMDB.  With your mind once again at ease you return your focus to the movie, only to realize you have no idea what this scene is about.

Google to the rescue.  If you are watching media on your Android tablet or phone, you’ll have access to Info Cards.  When you pause the movie, circles will appear over the actors currently on screen.  Clicking on them will reveal cards with their name, info, credits, and the option to search either on the web or in Google Play.

The feature is only available for media from Google Play.  I played around with it a bit and it’s pretty awesome.  Being able to go directly to the information without leaving the app is very convenient.

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