Google: Please Consolidate Your Messaging Services

So you want to contact someone but you are not sure which is the best way other than calling them. You first try to send them a Google Chat message but their status is away. You then send them text them with no reply and lastly try the messenger in Google+ to get your message to them. Why do we need to have so many different options?

It would be wonderful if you only needed one way to contact a person knowing that they will receive your message. All we really need is one app that knows whether you are logged into your computer or on your phone. WebOS does a great job at consolidating some of your messages with Synergy. The OS knows if someone is on Google chat with their computer or if they are just on their phone and will send them a message accordingly. When they sign out of chat your conversation will then be carried out over text messaging.

One fail that Google is either not aware of or has not fixed is when you are a Google Voice customer and you send a Chat and SMS the message from Gmail will show up on the recipients phone as a random number and not your Google Voice number. This causes problems for recipients that save the number only to reply to it later and they number has changed.

The Google+ app comes with a new messaging service that allows you to have group messaging and also ability to send pictures easily. The great thing about the app is it is a great alternative to iMessage and a universal solution between iOS and Android. The bad news is that you can’t use it from a computer and others have to sign up for Google+ to use it. Why does this not integrate with Google Talk?

Well Google, what is the answer? Please help us out.

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