Google Just Brought The Best Photo Editing App To Your Browser

One of the single most important elements of my smartphone is its camera. I travel quite a bit, and I take photos everywhere I go. They might be landscapes or scenic views, or they might be of people I meet or travel with. They might be during the day, or they might be at night. Despite all the variables of who, what, when, where, or why, one thing’s for certain: Snapseed is the only app I use to enhance my photos before I share them. It’s available for free for both Android and iOS. We’ve written about it here on ZAGGblog more than once, and I recommend it to everyone.

Snapseed is developed by a company called Nik Software. Last year, they were acquired by Google for a sizable sum of cash. It was much anticipated that Google bought Nik to help expand and enhance the photography-friendly elements of Google+. Indeed, we’ve now seen those ambitions brought to life. You can now edit the photos you save to Google (whether via automatic backup from your Android phone, or uploaded from your computer) with Snapseed, right in your browser. Nothing to download, nothing to install.

If you’re already familiar with Snapseed on your mobile device, you’ll instantly be familiar with the UI of Snapseed in the browser. If you’ve never used Snapseed before, there will be a slight learning curve for how to manipulate images. Even still, if you don’t have access to Photoshop or other high-end editing tools, it’s worth the time it takes to learn. Check out the photo at the top of this post, and then look at the one below, edited with Snapseed in about 3 minutes.


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