Google releases Android app to help businesses add indoor maps

Google Maps is by far one of the most used applications on my phone. With the addition of 3D structures, it is pretty hard to be lost these days. That is until you enter a large building that you have never been in before. To help this, Google has added a way for companies to add their public building floor plan so that Android users will be able to see where they are in the building and easily get to where they want to go.

For these indoor maps to be added the Google you must be able to represent a large organization. Locate a picture of your floor plans and go to the Google Maps Floor Plan page. Once there, find the building that you would like to submit. You then upload your drawing and align it with the satellite picture of the building on Google Maps.

Once you have completed this, you’ll then wait for the building to be reviewed and approved by Google. After it is approved, the indoor map can then be viewed by any one that has Google Maps for Android. Google also released an app to the Android market called Floor Plan Maker. Users that have submitted floor plans can view their submitted map and walk the entirety of the floor to add accuracy to your location. This will take into account current location with GPS and local Wi-Fi to position you correctly in the building so that users can see the blue dot of their exact location while looking at the map.

Recently I went the Atlanta airport. When I opened Google Maps on my phone, it was great to see my location on the indoor map. With the size of the airport I was able to easily navigate to my connecting flight and find the right concourse. It is unclear if these types of maps will be able to show things such as what grocery isle you are on since they change often. There is hope that these would be labeled as seen in Google Glass Project video picture above. This may just be an early step to prepare for deep Google Glass integration.

Source: Google

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