Google shows off Project Glass concept

In has only been a few months since we were first hearing rumors of Google glasses that would connect you to the web. Today Google is showing us some product concepts that they have come up with as well as a video that shows off a potential user interface.

A group at Google X have gotten together to create this product and are interested in hearing from you about what you would like to see from Project Glass. It is not mentioned if this is ever actually going to be a product that is released or if this is just another futuristic idea that will never materialize.

The video really leads me to believe that this is something that we will definitively see released. While many may find it useless and very unnecessary, I see it having high potential to gain a wide customer base.

The way the user talks with the device leads me to believe there is going to be some major updates to Google’s Voice Search bringing it to par with Siri. It may not reply to you like Siri but it will give you on screen notifications so that you know your command was recognized.

Would you buy one of these or is it a product for the next generation?

Source: Project Glass

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