Google Talk Video Calling on Android

Have you been dying to make video calls on your Android device over Google Talk? Well, die no more. Yesterday, with the announcement of Android 2.3.4., Google has brought Google Talk video calling to the Nexus S and eventually other phones running the “Gingerbread” version of Android. With the update, will you not only be able to call other Android users with Google Talk, but also any laptops, desktops, tablets, etc.. that run the chat program with video as well. The service promises (if your carrier permits) calling not only over WiFi, but 3 and 4G bands as well.

Obviously solutions from the companies themselves (such as Google) are always nice, but 3rd party solutions such as Fring, Skype and others have made video calling pretty seamless for Android, iOS and others already. The ability to talk to other computers and tablets does make Google’s offering a bit more enticing though (though this can be done on some 3rd party services) and most likely many will adopt the service. When will it come out though? Well, Google mentions on its official blog post announcement that the update will be pushed over the air to Nexus S owners “in the next few weeks” while other 2.3+ (Gingerbread) users will have to wait until it comes ambiguously “in the future.”

The ability to video chat on phones has been available for a while. Apple’s FaceTime service, which allows certain models of the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Macs talk with each other, has been around since June 2010. Do people actually use these services though? Well, to an extent, probably. However, I personally have only used a FaceTime chat once for anything of merit and that was Mac to Mac. Time will tell if video chat is a utilized feature, or if it is merely a vision of the future that was realized, but then disgarded.

Do you use any form of video chat? Is it ever on your phone? Sound off in the comments…

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