Google’s Photovine Photo-sharing App Now Public

Photovine is a social photo-sharing app, which was just purchased by Google.

It can turn out to be a sort of “telephone” game for photo sharing. One person starts the conversation with a photo and a title for that photo, and then someone tries to take a different photo that also matches that title.

We got a sneak peak of photo vine last month before it was open to the public.

If you didn’t catch that article to see how it works, you can watch this video.

The main change is obviously that it is now open to the public.

As far as I understand it, you’ll be sharing photos with people from all over. But you can also share with your friends. The app includes the ability to post to facebook as well as the ability to invite your friends from facebook & twitter.

We wondered if it would be integrated into Google+, but it looks like it will just be an independent app for now.

Check it out on the iTunes store and let us know how it goes.

Here are all of the changes as they are listed on Photovine’s page in the iTunes store:

- Invite system replaced with open signup – everyone can join Photovine now!
- Crash fix for posting a photo when the feed has a timeline break
- If user adds a note to a post, include that note as the first comment
- Ability to post photos to Facebook and Twitter
- Find friends from Facebook and Twitter
- SMS and email invites

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