Google’s purchase of Motorola is approved, then they replace CEO

Months ago, the news arrived the Google was in process to purchase Motorola Mobility and that it was just waiting government approval.  The purchased has now been approved but is now just waiting for a few final countries to approve the decision.

With this purchase, it gives Google a way to manufacture specific phones the way they would like, but it also comes with a big list of patents that will help them produce future products.

Since Google has received approval,  it is already making changes to management. Sanjay Jha will be replace by Dennis Woodside, who is a longtime employee at Google. He has been a SVP and President of Google Americas and had already been helping with Google/Motorola integration. It will be a while before we will see the fruits of his labors but let’s hope it is something worth waiting for.

Image Source: Droid Dog

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