80 Year Old Grandma Betty Sharing Her Cancer Battle With 300,000+ Instagram Followers


In a unique twist of old and new, Grandma Betty might very well be one of Instagram’s oldest active users. She’s 80 years old and is fighting an ongoing battle with cancer. In January, her great grandson setup an Instagram account for her. Since then, the outpouring of love, well wishes, and support has shot through the roof. Even A-list celebrities like Pharrell Williams have commented on her photos, showing their support.

When news of Grandma Betty’s Instagram account hit the web, she climbed to over 100,000 followers. As of this writing today, she’s just a few thousand shy of 300,000. After looking through a few of her photos, it isn’t difficult to see why. Despite her age, her frailty, and a battle with cancer, she still does her best to be happy and make the most out of the time she has with her family. There’s no doubt that in sharing her struggle, she gives hope and encouragement to others who may be going through the same.

If you’re on Instagram (and who isn’t these days, right?), give @GrandmaBetty33 a follow.



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