Great Gadgets Don’t Just Come From Apple

Our lives are filled with gadgets. We use gadgets to preserve memories, to keep track of things, to entertain ourselves, and even to improve the quality of our lives.

Not all of our gadgets have to run their own operating system and app store. Some of the best gadgets we can own are simple, and add so much to our way of life. Some days it seems the tech world thinks only one company makes gadgets with attention to detail, but some of the best products come from companies besides Apple.

Audio entertainment, education and communication are pivotal in our lives today. Apple makes a couple throw away headsets that they give you when you buy an iPod, but other companies give headphones the serious attention they deserve.

Sennheiser is an audio focused company. They have some of the best, big, comfy, beautiful, noise-cancelling wireless headphones on the market. The Sennheiser PX line is awesome, and the PX360 BT headphones are the most luxuriant gadget you can wear on your ears.

It seems people forget good headphones because the companies that sell audio players throw in cheap headsets for free. If you ever use a gadget from Sennheiser, you will be in for a treat.

Companies all over are moving to make our lives better than they were yesterday. The gadget world is not driven by Apple, it is driven by innovation. Thanks to companies like Sennheiser we continue to see great new products that aren’t announced at the Moscone Center.

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