NYC is Rolling Out the Nation’s Largest Free Public WiFi Network


If you live in the Big Apple, specifically Harlem, we’ve got good news. By the end of this month, the first of a two-part rollout will be complete on the Harlem WiFi Network. It will be completely free to the public, operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will offer speeds of at least 2 mbps. In all, it will cover 95 blocks of Harlem, from 110th street to 138th Street, and from Fredrick Douglas Boulevard to Madison Avenue. The second phase is expected to be complete in six months, by May 2014.

While there are thousands of smaller WiFi public WiFi networks around the Big Apple, the Harlem WiFi Network will be the largest outdoor public network in the U.S. when it’s complete, serving more than 80,000 residents. The move, partially financed by the Fuhrman Family Foundation, is one of many the city is undertaking to help improve connectivity (especially in lower income areas) and attract entrepreneurs.

I plotted out the area of the Harlem WiFi Network on the map below so you could get a feel for where it’ll be available.


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