Harness the power of the sun to charge your phone on the go

It’s been mentioned multiple times on this blog how smartphones are big on style, but short on battery life, leaving us searching for a power outlet everywhere we go. Not only is it inconvenient, it isn’t exactly “green” either. Fortunately, need drives innovation, and a new solar-powered charging case may help make keeping your iPhone at full strength a little easier.

Created by Brunton Outdoor, this little case will not only charge your phone using solar power, but it will protect it too. There have been other attempts at creating solar chargers, but those have often been too fragile to actually protect your phone as a case. Since Brunton Outdoor specializes in creating products for, well, the outdoors, it is durable enough to withstand shocks. The solar panel will also separate from the rubberized shell to create a kickstand to prop up your phone.

Displayed at CES 2012, the case can charge an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S twice after significant sun exposure (Brunton hasn’t specified how long that actually is yet…hopefully more to come soon), but it’s pretty simple to put your phone up on the dashboard as you drive or have it sit out on your desk if it is near a window. It might not be the only way you ever charge your phone, but it might be a great way to go a little longer between plugging in.

via: Treehugger

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