Here Are The Details About Google’s Changes To Its Terms Of Service

On Friday, Google announced that a new set of terms of service for using its services would go into effect on Nov. 11. The search giant, acknowledging that people are not likely to read a document full of legal jargon, broke the three major changes to the terms down into simple details in this blog post, but we are going to make it even more “nuts and bolts” simple for you. Here are the three big changes that you’ll need to agree to to continue using Google’s services:

1) Google clarifies how your profile name and image can be used in advertising a reviews — Any time you +1 something or give a rating to something in Google Play, Google can use your profile name and image in its advertising or for other promotional purposes. You can, however, choose to opt out of the advertising portion of this, that is, if you +1 your favorite neighborhood pizza joint and don’t want your name and image to show up in ads that your friends see for that pizza place, you will be able to opt out. Google can, however, continue to use your name and photo in places like Google Play.

2) Google reiterates that you need to use mobile devices safely — This change doesn’t so much make an impact to your privacy as it is a legal line that you agree to to not be distracted by your phone while doing things that require your full attention. This means driving, primarily. Of course, you know that you should never use your mobile phone while driving, and Google is now just embedding it into its legal documents that users who agree to use its services should refrain from doing so while driving (or operating heavy machinery).

3) Be smart with your password — Google wants you to be smart with accessing its services, and that means not only using a secure password, but considering using additional services like two-step verification. A how-to guide to set up this advanced level of security can be found here.

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