Here Are The First Official Videos For ZAGGkeys Cover And ZAGGkeys Folio

We recently announced our new iPad mini keyboard cases. The ZAGGkeys Cover and ZAGGkeys Folio will be available soon. A few tech reviewers have already got their hands on the products and published reviews. The initial feedback shows that these two products are clearly the most feature-rich keyboards for iPad mini.


The unique hinge on the Cover is also used on the Folio which makes various viewing angles possible on it, too. These adjustable angles are unique when it comes to keyboard cases, which typically have only one or two available angles. The ZAGGkeys Folio is thinner and lighter than the Logitech Keyboard Folio mini I have been using.


If you have an iPad mini and want a keyboard, I’d suggest that you wait the Cover and Folio are in stores to buy one or the other. Seriously, I never thought that anyone would be able to design a keyboard for a device as small as the iPad mini that would be so usable — congratulations to ZAGG on accomplishing what no netbook maker was ever able to do!


The ZAGGKeys Cover iPad mini keyboard with backlit keys is the best iPad mini keyboard on the market. The typing experience is very good for such a small keyboard and backlighting enhances this. Combined with support for multiple angles and the easy on and easy off design make it perfect for users who need a keyboard for productivity, but prefer to use the iPad mini on its own when it comes time for fun.

Today we’re excited to show off the first videos for both the Cover and Folio: