Here’s a $90 iPhone dock made out of solid aluminum

One of the best docks I’ve ever seen for the iPhone is the Elevation dock. It works well and only requires a cable. That means you can even use it with a ZAGGSparq (which is how I use it at my office).


The Kickstarter project was amazingly successful. You can buy the Elevation Dock for $89 on their website if you have an iPhone 5. Or, if you have the older dock, and the newer phone, you can pick up an adapter for only $15 that will bring the two together.

BYOC – Bring your own cable

As I said before, you’ll have to use your own cable. This is what makes the adapter possible. Check it out and let us know what you think. Still one of best docks I’ve seen for the iPhone in a long time.

Joshua Howland

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