Here’s a hair-raising letter about the ZAGGfolio protecting an iPad from a 3,000lb car doing 54 MPH (True Story)

Dear ZAGG,

I’m an author who recently acquired my very first iPad 3; fully loaded. On my way to the airport I made a last moment decision to get a protective case for my new treasure. A friend highly recommended your ZAGGfolio carbon fiber case with the Bluetooth keyboard. I tested it out in the store and found it more than adequate for editing my novels on long flights.

The next day found me driving up the historic Natchez Trace from Alabama to Tennessee in search of new stories. The land is breathtaking.

I pulled into a scenic overlook and retrieved my iPad from the back seat eager to take pictures of the lush rolling hills. While snapping away, my phone rang so I set the iPad in your ZAGGfolio case on the hood of my rental car and wandered up the ridge seeking better reception. By the time I returned with new thoughts in my head I had completely forgot about the iPad, so jumping in the driver’s seat I headed on down the road.

The small car is one of those where the hood is sloped so you can’t see it through the windshield leaving me oblivious to the fatal mistake I had just made.

A short time later while speeding down the parkway a bump in the road caused a slight movement on the hood which caught my eye. Cranking my neck, my heart suddenly stopped as I watched in horror as your case slowly slid to its inevitable doom.

In desperation I glanced at my speedometer only to see a blurring 54 mph. Panic took hold. Doing the worse thing possible I slammed on the brakes launching my brand new iPad like it was a rocket.

With the color draining from my face I watched as your folio case went hurling through the clear blue sky. A passerby might have taken it for a fleeing raven and indeed it actually looked as if it might take wing when suddenly it flipped and plummeted towards the unforgiving earth below.

Gripping the steering wheel with all my might I stomped the brake to the floor. Things couldn’t have possibly got worse when at the last moment the iPad took a surprise turn and slammed into the pavement directly in front of the hungry wheels. A second later the dreaded Thump, Thump of both tires racing over your shiny black case told me I was doomed.

Pulling the car to a stop, my shoulders slumped; I got out and made the final slow death walk back to your case lying lifelessly in the middle of the road. There before my eyes it lay battered and scuffed from its ill-fated flight and tremendous impact on the famed Natchez Trace. What could I expect? It had been run over by a 3000 pound car no less. Bending down with all hope lost I picked it up. Surprisingly the case was still intact. And when I opened the latch the iPad sprang to life completely unharmed. Consumed by an overwhelming joy I danced in the road as I typed in my password on your keyboard which worked flawlessly.

We live in an age where we come to expect shoddy workmanship and over inflated claims, but on your box you have proudly stated that ZAGG is dedicated to providing the most innovative and high quality products for its customers. This is one claim I can happy attest is absolutely true.

Thank you for caring enough to give your very best.


A very satisfied customer

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