Here’s a Kickstarter to make wallets fun

Out of Salt Lake City UT, BJ Minson and Dan Loveridge have a wallet on Kickstarter called the Flip n’Grip. The wallet looks like a ton of fun.

A wallet with features

The wallet is secure from RFID theft, waterproof, self-locking, nearly indestructible, and quite a bit of fun.

You grip the wallet and your cards slide up and visible. It holds 6 cards at once and makes it possible to scan an access card or pull out any of the 6 cards stored.

Minimal design

If I was a wallet guy, this is the type of minimal design I would love. It’s clear what inspired them; in the video they show the wallet next to the iPhone:

We designed the Flip n’Grip™ to be simple, thin, and beautiful. We selected the best materials to provide the highest quality and the best look and feel. The wallet is made from true aircraft grade 7075 T6 Aluminum, glass bead blasted and bright dip anodized to a perfect finish. It’s CNC machined to extremely tight tolerances and assembled with specially engineered flush rivets.

The Flip n’Grip is available as a Kickstarter project. They’ve raise a little over a quarter of the $100,000 goal and they still have 24 days left.

Joshua Howland

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