Here’s a portable TV antenna for the iPad

I watch a lot of TV on my iPad. Netflix, Hulu and the ABC Player app are my most common apps. The iPad has made time-delayed television as ubiquitous as the device and an internet connection.

Portable TV Antenna

I remember in elementary school another kid came to school with a ‘portable tv’ with a huge antenna. I remember because at the time it seemed like the coolest piece of technology ever. What kid doesn’t want to watch TV anytime, anywhere?

The screen was small, and the reception fuzzy, but that little device was a killer product at the time. This week, EyeTV introduced an over-the-air TV receiver that can be plugged directly into the 30 pin connector of an iPad or iPhone.

Like in the ’80s, the channels are delivered without a data connection via an antenna you’ve got to extend. Unlike the decade of Day-Glo and big hair, EyeTV has a dynamic lineup guide users can update via TV broadcasts. It also can pause live TV.

No data connection

The dongle picks up an over-the-air network called Dyle to get you CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC and more of the broadcast television channels you know and watch. Currently, you can get Dyle for free. You can see if there is coverage in your area with this map.

The little product is available for $100, check it out if you’re interested.

Source: Wired

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