Here’s A Roundup Of A Few Of Those Activity Trackers That Sync With Your Gadgets

Today I’m wearing the Jawbone UP. I picked it up for my birthday last week. I love it. It’s my silent alarm every morning, and the pedometer and food tracking is a bonus. The technology to track our movement and general health smaller and more capable than ever. That means we see more and more attempts to give us solutions. Already quite a few companies have announced new products heading into CES, and I’m sure there will be more.

Fitbit Basis

This little band from Fitbit is likely meant to compete with the Jawbone UP. The wristband can detect when you’re sleeping, but doesn’t have a button to put it in that mode. You have to log from the app or website.

Features: Bluetooth 4.0, 5 days of battery, and waterproof.

BodyMedia’s CORE 2

BodyMedia makes a band that can be worn on the wrist, but it’s large and bulky, and would fit much better higher up on your arm. The device can collect a significant number of data points.

Features: Bluetooth 4.0, 5000 data points per minute, interchangeable straps.

FitBug ORB

The other fitness trackers are going to find this little guy a bit annoying.

There are two things that get us excited about the Orb: its size and its price. The Orb so small you can easily forget you’ve got it clipped on, which is key to tracking your every step. – PC World

Your wallet will probably forget as well, because this little guy is only $50.

Features: Price, Bluetooth 4.0, tracks sleep, interchangeable straps.

This is only a few of the many fitness trackers. Keep coming back, I’ll keep you posted.

Joshua Howland

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