Here’s How A Small Business In Utah Helped Make The Giant Tablets On Fox News A Reality

Earlier this week Fox News unveiled a cutting-edge newsroom. With multiple 55″ touchscreen computers, the newsroom looks like it’s filled with “giant iPads.” As the preferred brand in tablet accessories, we were obviously curious about the accessories Fox News was using with their new tablet computers. Here’s what we found out about the stands that support the “giant iPads.”

The stands, which were originally electronically adjustable drafting tables, were purchased from, a company based in Mapleton, Utah. The electronic drafting tables are manufactured by Mayline, a Wisconsin company, and have a price of $5,256.30 on (which is almost $3,300 below MSRP). Obviously, in this case, Fox News only needed the stand portion of the drafting table.

It’s likely this specific product was chosen as the stand for the tablets because the height can be electronically adjusted. One of the owners of, Garth Allred, told us that the drafting tables usually take four weeks to produce, but they worked with Mayline to cut production to two weeks to meet the Fox News deadlines. A kit was provided to attach the tablets to the stands, but Allred isn’t sure if those were the actual kits that were used on the new set.

As far as we know, Fox News has not reached out to ZAGG to provide custom 55″ invisibleSHIELDs for the “giant iPads,” but of course we’re open to the idea. For more information on the futuristic Fox News set, check out the video below.


  • HelpitCtCrashedAgain

    They are Windows 8 driven so why call them iPads??

    • film42

      “the newsroom looks like it’s filled with ‘giant iPads.’” Never says they’re ipads.

      • Guy McGuyver

        but they could have just said tablets…i think thats what he meant.

  • ME

    makes it harder to get awat with playing games on the office computer, but i still bet someone gets caught playing a a GIANT game of angry birds! LOL