iPad Mini Event Scheduled; Prices Leak Early

Today, Apple sent out media invites to the press, announcing an event next Tuesday, one week from today. It’ll be held at 10am PST / 1pm EST at the California Theater in San Jose, unlike previous events in San Francisco and at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

Purely thinking out loud here, the context of “little” in the invite text is likely hinting at a smaller version of the iPad. The six colors used in the invite are also worthy of note, reminiscent of the original color Apple logo. It could be a hint that we’ll see color versions of the iPad Mini. I doubt that, though. I’m still predicting we’ll see them available for purchase Friday, November 2nd.

German site “Flo’s Weblog” has published this image, which purports to be a complete list of the iPad Mini models and pricing Apple is expected to unveil  at the event.

If this list is accurate, we’ll see the entry-level 8gb WiFi-only model starting at a very aggressive $249, with the high-end model offering 64gb of storage and 4G LTE.

Personally, I think the sweet spot for cellular connectivity will be on the devices with lesser internal storage. Less internal storage but cellular connectivity means you’re more likely to rely on cloud services instead of local files. More on-board storage means that reliance on the cloud isn’t as important, since you have more space to carry those files on the device, sans data connection.

Going back to the idea of multiple colors – if this list is complete and is in fact legitimate, it shows an absence of color options other than black and white.

While specs have yet to be confirmed of course, here’s a look at how the iPad Mini, from what we think we know so far, stacks up against the competition:

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