Here’s How To Undo A Sent Email In Gmail

We’ve all sent that email we couldn’t take back whether it was a sappy email to your ex, an inappropriate joke sent to the boss, or maybe you weren’t supposed to hit “reply-all” and did on accident and now the whole company knows about your next doctor visit. The feeling of regret is instant, as if there’s no coming back from this one. Well, I’d like you to meet a new friend of mine that can fix those problems. It’s Gmail’s new Undo Send feature. There’s a 10 second time frame to “undo” the outgoing email. What an embarrassment saver!

Here’s how to enable it:

1. Click the gear icon in the top right hand corner of the Gmail window and click on your Settings gear icon from the dropdown menu.

2. Select Labs from the row of available tabs.

3. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page where you’ll find Undo Send and click the Enable selection bubble.

4. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

5. Breath a sigh of relief.

Now after you send an email in Gmail, the yellow pop-up box will appear to inform you “Your message has been sent.” and you’ll have 2 options: 1. Undo or 2. View message. Keep in mind, you’ll only have about 10 seconds to decide if you really, actually want that email sent out. If you decide it’s a bad idea, Click “Undo” and your email will reopen in the composer window.

You can take it easy now.

Click to read the original article from Business Insider HERE.

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  • Ed. SilverPlanet

    Nice feature. 10 seconds is not a lot of time but better than zero! Now to learn to count to 10 before hitting that send button . . thanks for the tip

    • Damon

      You can change it to 30 seconds in General Settings once it’s enabled.

  • cobragirl517


  • Me

    This feature has been around for years, so certainly not new. Definitely useful, though!

    • NCBrian

      is that true? i know they had it as an april fools joke one year but i don’t remember actually seeing if for real.

    • Damon

      True, I’ve been using this for a couple of years. It’s a great feature.

  • Donner

    Very nice, thanks for sharing that!

  • Martin Tandsater

    you can set it to 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds in your general settings once you activate it.

    • Silvalves

      Where is that option located, for I can’t see it.

      • Silvalves

        Sorry for bothering. I just found it.

  • j

    Is it possible to undo send email using Outlook Web app?

  • Narc

    Only works from web mail…who uses web mail? I use an email client…..

    • Martin Tandsater

      sorry to hear that Narc. best of luck to you! ;)

  • Yarnspinner

    Awesome! Great information, plus I found even more goodies in the labs.



  • Emcee ranking Tripeye

    Smoke ganja and don’t trip about it is best.

  • Novek

    It’s not a “new feature” at all Gmail had this option available for years.

  • Mike

    Nice feature sure comes in handy when needed.

  • Bloondcookie

    Does Outlook have this feature?

    • Kendall Smith

      Outlook does have this feature. Go to your “Sent” folder and open up the message you want to retrieve. In the menue bar there is an item called Actions. Under the Actions option you can “Recall Message”. This will work as long as the recipiant hasn’t already opened the mail. I’m not sure if this works outside of outlook, but I know it works for all outlook users regardless of time the mail has been sitting there as long as it hasn’t already been opened.

      • Ben

        Or set up a rule to delay every outgoing message in the outbox for any amount of time before sending. Then you don’t have to worry about the recall function.

  • carol

    Thanks for the tip! I am new to gmail so learning my way around.Now I got to figure out how to give myself more time if I can find general settings!

  • Dawne Richards

    Wow, a whole ten seconds! SO much more useful than “recall” – NOT. They just don’t get it. In addition, this is not a new feature; it may be a longer timeframe than before, but they’ve had “undo send” for at least two years. And the other commenter(s) are correct; you can change it to 30 seconds. Marginally better.

  • Marcus Bowyer

    It isn’t “on accident” the correct wording is “by accident.” Helpful though.

  • Azwildcat324

    Thanks, very helpful. Always wanted to know if this was an option.

  • Jake

    breathe* a sigh of relief

  • Bob


  • Bob


  • Bob


  • ezreader

    Sweet…I had no idea how to do that…thanks….and thanks to Daman for telling me how to extend the window to 30 seconds.

  • ezreader

    When you Undo a Sent email, will it go into your “draft” folder? Or is it totally gone and you have to re-do the email entirely? TIA

  • Sandy Gracia