Here’s How You Locate The .com Button On An iOS 7 Keyboard

If you’ve recently updated to iOS 7 and are missing the .com (or .net, .edu, etc.) that was once oh-so-conveniently located next to the space bar when typing a URL, fret not. Hold down the “.” key while entering a URL in the address bar and it will pop up. Hope this tip makes your life just a bit easier! Enjoy.


  • josep2


  • sdechter

    Not new. It has been that way on the iPhone for a long time.

  • Neotoxo

    Thanks. “”"‘Mlmkjpœiuytrewqasdfghjkzxcvbñm’”‘!?,…@§$)(;:/•°987654321
    Great info not easily found elsewhere

  • jckclubs

    Or use Chrome

  • Recklight


  • Dave

    I have the Folio keyboard/cover for iPad, and since downloading ios7, several of the function keys on the top row of the keyboard do not work…. especially, the top left key that would open the Home page of the iPad. Any assistance is appreciated.

    • obie

      Same here. Folio keys stopped working after iOS7 upgrade.

  • Tim

    Thanks! I’ve been wondering where that went since I upgraded to iOs7

  • Maggie Freitag

    It only works on Safari and not on google.

    • Cperk

      Thank you I was wondering what I was doing wrong on google.

  • xhros

    Thanks for something that has been around since…forever!

  • Yarnspinner

    Actually, the correct term is “touch and hold”. “Tap and hold” is so Win 8, and intuitively dumb.
    But otherwise, thanks for the awesome tip! ;-)

  • Mika

    Thanks a bunch! Ignore the negative comments so of us appreciate your tip. You rock!

  • Brenda Gantt

    Maybe you could help me. My microphone has disappeard since the upgrade. How do I go about getting it back

    • Dave82

      You’ve got to turn Siri on to enable the use of dictation. I had the same issue myself.

  • zuperbal

    Works on Chrome!

  • Pirate Ces

    Sweet! Thanks!

  • William Fenceentrance

    What you’re doing wrong is using any ios product. For those of you having issuses with your shitty iphone 5s just think in 3 months you can get the new iphone that is still unable to compete with any Android. Ofcourse your garbage device works with Google/Chrome. It’s funny that some isheep said “that’s such a Windows term….”. Open your eyes isheeple, the world runs on Windows. crapple was forced to build machines to run Windows. No company besides crapple builds worthless paperweights to utilize ios. You better hope they come up with a new ifad to save the company soon. Thank you Cancer for doing the right thing and talking that hack steve jobs. Hahaha

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    • Terri

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      What’s wrong with you! Glad that you r an Android & Windows person!!!!

    • Richard Cranium

      William Fenceentrance, you forgot the “s” at the end of your pseudonym. His name is Bill Gates, not Bill Gate.

    • Don T.

      William – you must be one sick individual. Your rambling thoughts and profuse spurting of your own ideology (while allowed in this type of format) show your total lack of reasoning and justification for any Apple product. I have switched from and Android phone to the iPhone, got rid of our desktop PC and replaced it with a MAC and also have purchased an MacBook PRO and I have nothing but GOOD to say about Apple, their products and their support. TOPS in the industry. Your departing comment about Steve Jobs and cancer show how messed up you really are.

      • darbro

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      • dukeofurl

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    • Robert

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      No thank you!

    • marknlisa

      Do I sense a bias here?…….. total bias always seems to negate I.Q.

    • Sally

      Different strokes for different folks. That’s what makes the world go around. If you have nothing good to say, sometimes it’s best to say nothing. You just make yourself look bad. Get, if you prefer android products – great for you. Enjoy.

  • Kronos48

    Haters… find something positive to do with you time other running your mouth!

  • SPB

    I don’t have a period key by my space bar on the IPhone 5, I have to go to another keyboard for that. Why is that?

    • DireColt

      It only shows up in Safari and only when typing in a URL in the address bar. It is not there for other uses like texting or even typing in this text box.

      • SPB


      • KK

        Well, thank you, I thought my eyes were missing a “.”Why wouldn’t that little point have been important to mention in the FIRST post as I use .com in places other than Safari! Thanks for the info.

  • Macman4ever

    hmm…I have macbook pro for 4 years….I probably spent that much time fighting virus on windows and reinstalling once a year…because blue screen of death….windows is a joke !!! Does the internet run on Windows…nope unix….I believe if I’m not wrong something like that is in osx….check out consumer reports on which phone is safer if you dare to look!

  • Torrence

    My mini was working fine with keyboard unitl i updated to the new ios7 system. now the bluetooth connection disconnect at wil. is there a ZAGG solfware update available?