Here’s who Apple is targeting with the iPad mini

So, what do we know about the iPad Mini? We know it’s going to be awesome. But you don’t want one. So you think this Apple event wasn’t as good as other Apple events.

The iPad Mini event came on the heals of a complete overhaul, and amazing update to the iPhone and iPod lineup. The new iPad Mini is similarly a big update, but doesn’t target the same users as the iPhone, so if you liked the iPhone event, this one wasn’t for you.

The iPad Mini – The Upgrade

Notice the design cues of the iPad Mini, the Apple product it most closely resembles isn’t the iPad at all, it isn’t the Mac, and it isn’t the iPhone. The new iPad Mini most closely resembles the iPod Touch.

The iPad Mini is an iPad upgrade to the iPod Touch. It runs iPad apps which are far superior to blown up iPhone/iPod sized apps:

Right from the start, apps made for iPad also work with iPad mini. They’re immersive, full-screen apps that let you do almost anything you can imagine. And they make iPad mini practically impossible to put down.

iPad apps are designed for a bigger screen. It’s more than just having wider buttons, and bigger table cells. It’s having more capabilities. App developers make iPad apps better. This is an upgrade for iPod Touch users.

The iPad Mini – The Travel Version

This is a great device for travelers. It’s a smaller, compact, light version. Do you complain about the weight and thickness of your large iPad? Then you probably are going to enjoy this little device.

The hardware of the iPad Mini is an upgrade to the larger device. Because of it’s size, they’ve condensed it like the iPod Touch. The machined product is much more exciting than the new 4th generation iPad.

This is a device for anyone that considered leaving the iPad for a 7” Android tablet because it fit their lifestyle better. If you happily own a larger iPad, then you weren’t one of those people. I know plenty of people who complain that they can’t take their large iPad with them everywhere, the iPad Mini should travel well with them.

The iPad Mini – No Retina

The iPad Mini doesn’t come with Retina. I talk to a lot of people that say that’s a non-starter for them. It certainly is a non-starter for me. However, I talk to way more people that claim they can’t see a difference in Retina and non-Retina. This is a device for those people. You probably aren’t one of them.

The iPad Mini is a great product that will sell well. Apple didn’t miss the mark. They sailed right past you on purpose.

Joshua Howland

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