Here’s why Google is on the right track with the Nexus 7 (by @jkhowland)

Here is the truth. The Nexus 7 has an uphill battle. The new tablet is going up against the single most successful product in the world: the iPad.

Android is getting better every day. It seems like with the Nexus they are trying to make a statement that they are taking the tablet market seriously. Up till now their hardware manufacturers have messed everything up.

There were a few things Google needed to bring to the Nexus, the question is, did they bring it?


The truth is hard to take in. A slight bump in display capabilities isn’t going to be enough. The tablet competition isn’t a spec battle. So you don’t have to beat the iPad spec for spec, you just have to make it look crisp.

Apple raised the bar with the new iPad and its retina display. It’s unlikely that Google will use a super-high resolution display in the Nexus Tablet, but it needs a display better than something like the Kindle Fire.

The Nexus 7 tablet is low priced. Getting a 1280×800 IPS display. It’s thin it’s light, and it has a better display than the other 7″ tablets. In fact it is significantly better than the 1024 x 600 Fire’s display.

They did what they needed to with display.

Competitive Pricing

The Nexus 7 will be priced at a competitive $199 and $249. The price is going to be great for Google because their device needs to compete with other 7″ tablets.

Apple has a stronghold on the $499 price point. If you can’t beat it, you’ll be hard pressed to give a consumer an excuse to buy your tablet rather than the iPad.

Hopefully with the $199 and $249 prices, Google and Asus will be able to make enough margin.

Google is right on track with this price point.

An Immediate Launch

One of the biggest keys of the Nexus’ success will be getting it out in consumers hands while the news is hot.

The Google Nexus Tablet needs to launch sooner rather than later. Microsoft made a potentially grave mistake announcing the Surface tablet months prior to its release.

Google has done a great job of shipping these products they announce at I/O right away. It seems like this is no exception. The Nexus is available for pre-order now. Will be shipped in July.

Great job Google.


Google is on the right track with this. There are still a few things they seem to be missing. We’ll see how it pans out, but I wouldn’t bet against Google. They seem to keep getting back up to throw a few more punches.

Joshua Howland

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