Hidden Gmail Trick To Organize Your Inbox

A post by Lars Fosdal went viral on Google + this weekend. The post details how a Gmail address has nearly an infinite amount of variations and gives examples of how you can use them. The trick is that a ‘+’ and keyword after your Google username, but before the @gmail.com part of your email address will create a unique variation of your Gmail address that will also add filters to your inbox. Here’s the original explanation from the post:

Let’s say my address is mymail@gmail.com and let’s say that I want to sign up for a newsletter for something useful – like a site for Silly Walk GIFs,

If I signup for the newsletter with mymail+SillyWalks@gmail.com- that is not only perfectly legal and working, it also means that the mail that arrives, has mymail+SillyWalks@gmail.com in the To: field.


are all working, valid addresses which are uniquely identifiable by you.

Read the full post for more details.