Hitting the Gym? Don’t Forget Your Phone

It’s over a week past New Years and hopefully your sticking with your resolution to hit the gym. If so, then don’t forget to bring your phone with you. In the ever growing app market, there seems to literally be an app for every occasion. Fitness is no exception. Apple offers a plethora of apps that are designed to help you succeed in the gym.

Progress apps are the craze in the fitness technology world. If you want to track your progress and convert it into bar graphs, pie charts or some other obscure figure, then the app store has it. “Gym Buddy”, “Fitness Tracker” and “Gym Fanatic” are three apps that do this. Each offers some type of variation that allows you to track daily workouts, log information of weights and sets, tracks gym times and tells you how you have progressed on the way.
The above apps are geared more towards individuals that are somewhat more familiar with the gym. If you are a newcomer to the gym don’t fret, the app store has you covered too. While there are dozens of apps that help you with your workout with pictures, animations, etc. “Gym Goal” is the undisputed champ. In addition to providing over 280 pre-loaded exercises, it also allows you to add exercises of your own and attach pictures to them. The app provides you with 50-plus workout routines, geared towards helping anyone achieve success. It also tracks health factors, schedules workouts, backs up your information to a desktop and pretty much does everything but lift the weights for you.

“Gym Goal” is the top of the line for fitness apps, but most provide you with information useful to developing a healthier lifestyle. These apps can tell you anything from what your body fat was 2 months ago, to what muscles you have been neglecting in your workouts. So if you need some added motivation, or just want to improve your gym routines, just turn on your phone and make a visit to the app store.

Image courtesy of: wired.com

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