How @_AlexLawrence convinced me. Sprint + Google Voice = Saved Money

I’ve been a Google Voice user for a long time. I used it for a mostly as a second phone number I gave away to people and services I needed immediate contact with, but didn’t want long term communication lines open.

Some of the other benefits were obviously great: online texting, multi-phone routing, voicemail transcription. But one feature eluded me, mostly because I never made the full commitment. It was a feature Alex Lawrence posted about a couple months ago: saving money.

I knew some people were out there like Alex, spending a lot less on their phone bill than me. It always made me feel wasteful that all I had to do was fully commit to Google Voice, and money would fall from heaven (or at least not fall from my bank account).

There were two things that held me back:

1 – I didn’t want to ditch my old number, which seemed to be a similar reason for Alex who said “This was huge for me.”
2 – I was using a jailbroken iPhone with 2G (edge) internet service and text messaging using the internet only seemed completely unreasonable.

So, I did some research to decide if it was a good time for me to test out Google Voice full integration. Alex reached out to me on Twitter and told me it was easily worth the jump and pointed me to his post.

Sprint lets you merge your Google Voice and current mobile number into one magical Google Voice routed number. And with Sprint 3G (Unlimited) I haven’t had any problems getting it to send Text Messages via Google Voice (or iMessages via the messages app). I also can recieve calls from either my Nexus or my iPhone from the same number (and the Nexus is a wifi only phone for me).

Here is the quote that got my attention:

When I am on wi-fi (which is often) the phone uses Google Voice automatically to send and receive both calls and texts to my actual number. When I am not on wi-fi, it uses the Sprint plan to call and text.

Read Alex’s post where he outlines 5 things you need to get a cheap phone plan. Finally committing to Google Voice has been a great decision for me so far. Give it a try.

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