How An iPad Helped Save A Life

The iPad is a popular device for many reasons, and I’ve heard people say, “I can’t imagine life without my iPad!” There are many features that make life easier, but now the iPad has been credited for helping save a life.

The world-famous Mayo Clinic in Minnesota has been giving iPads to their doctors and staff for some time now, and three Mayo Clinic physicians now credit an iPad for saving the life of a man who suffered an arterial blockage. Andy McMonigle, a 48 year old man, was working out at in the cycling club at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. He began to feel some intense pain in his arm, and immediately went to the locker room and ask a man for help. This man was Dr. Daniel Leuders, an internal medicine resident at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Leuders stayed  with McMonigle and yelled for help.

Two other Mayo residents, brothers Christopher and Daniel DeSimone, were right around the corner and ran to McMonigle’s aid. Leuders grabbed his iPad out of his backpack. A few seconds later, Leuders was connected to the Mayo’s electronic medical record network. He pulled up McMonigle’s medical history, showing a history of heart trouble. The records showed that McMonigle had a stent installed after a heart attack 4 years prior, which helped the residents suspect that there could be a blockage in the stent.

The ambulance crew arrived, and the residents showed the paramedics the iPad record of McMonigle’s previous EKG while the strip chart was printed. This comparison confirmed their suspicious about the stent blockage. Instead of waiting hours to run a blood test to verify clotting, doctors were able to rush McMonigle to the cardiac catheterization lab, where a team had been alerted and was ready to treat him immediately. His artery was 90% blocked, and they were able to remove the clot.

Three days later, McMonigle was released from the hospital. He had a speedy recovery, and was working out at the Healthy Living Center just days later. If that’s not a good reason to have an iPad handy, I don’t know what is.

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