How big is the new iPad?

The new iPad is about the same size as the iPad 2.

Here’s a simple comparison of all 3 versions of the iPad:

Not a huge difference.

The new iPad is thicker than the iPad 2, but only by .024″.

That’s like adding 13 sheets of printer paper to the iPad 2, or 9 human hairs (at about 70 µm each).

Will an iPad 2 case fit my new iPad?

It’s possible, but it depends on the case.

Because the difference in size is so small, iPad 2 cases will likely fit the iPad 3 – but it will be a tight fit.

You’ll probably want to get an actual new iPad case from ZAGG instead.

“Well, which iPad should I buy?”

Can’t decide if you should get the iPad 2 or the new iPad?

Check out our cheat sheet: Should you buy an iPad 2 or the new iPad?

It’s a tough decision, especially since they new iPad has a lot in common with the iPad 2, is $100 cheaper than the new iPad.

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