How Close Are We To Wireless Electricity?

Actually, wireless electricity debuted at TED over two years ago. WiTricity CEO Eric Giler demonstrated a magic device that wirelessly powered a TV and some smartphones:

Though the idea of wireless electricity has been around since Tesla, things are finally getting started. WiTricity, manufacturer IHI, and Mitshubishi motors are getting together to make wireless chargers for electric vehicles.

You can already charge your smartphone wirelessly with a wireless induction charging device, but they haven’t reached their full potential yet. Though they’re still “wireless,” they have to be touching a charging pad.

WiTricity, on the other hand, lets you create a truly wireless experience that goes more than just a couple of centimeters:

Why do we need wireless electricity?

Eric Giler gave two reasons:

Wires suck” - This isn’t news to anyone. Wires get tangled and take up space. We’re cutting the cord in as many ways as possible with wireless phones, wireless internet, and NFC technology.

“Batteries suck” - Batteries cause a lot of waste.


WiTricity uses magnetic fields, not electric fields, so there is no radiation. Is WiTricity’s magnetic field safe? We already live in a magnetic field, and WiTricity doesn’t affect us any differently.

In fact, in the following demo, Eric Giler charges the phone through his abs:

IHI will also be working with WiTricity to provide wireless electricity for other devices like smartphones and tablets.

“If you carry a purse, it works in your purse”

Hopefully, we’ll see wide adoption in mobile devices. When do you expect to see wireless electricity integrated in your smartphone?

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