How To Delete Or Edit Snapchat Stories (Or Parts Of Them)

Snapchat recently announced Snapchat Stories. Below is a guide to help you edit or delete the Snapchat Stories you publish. At the bottom of the page there’s a video showing the process too.

Step 1: Go to your ‘My Friends’ screen in the Snapchat app and tap on your name at the top of the list.

Step 2: Tap on the section of the Snapchat Story you want to delete.

Step 3: Tap on the gear of the selected Snapchat Story section you want to delete.

Step 4: When the list of choices is revealed, tap ‘Delete.’

Now you’re all done. The portion is deleted. You may repeat to delete all Snaps in the Story.


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  • Suzan

    What if there is no eye and it won’t let you delete?

    • Annie

      Same thing is happening on mine!

    • Dus12

      Make sure you just tap it and don’t hold it down.

    • daisy

      same here! someone help!!!

  • Dus12

    Great tutorial.

  • Abby

    If you delete it does that mean your friends can’t view it?

  • Emily

    Omg thanks so much, was just testing it out and put something embarrassing up, ahahah you are a life saver!

    • Nate

      i did the exact same thing, luckily only one person saw it :)

      • Mathea

        SAME HERE omfg lifesaver!!!

        • ashley R

          OMG Same here I just did it lol on accident and only one person saw it so its all good XD

    • Daiana

      That’s what I did /.- Lol

  • Maryam

    I LOVE YOU!!!!! You saved my sister from public humiliation

    • wasgoingtobehumiliated

      me too! lol i took one w/out hijab!!!!!!!

  • wasgoingtobehumiliated


  • Deen

    Literally thank you so much hahaha. I accidentally added an ugly selfie to my snapchat story…honestly I’m not digging the update because this happens wayyy too easily.

  • meow

    omg i totally thought tht was just for me so i put a pic of me peeing just to laugh at aaaaaaanddddd you guys know how that ended

  • tasniah


  • Celeste

    You saved my whole life, I was taking selfies not knowing and send chest shots to people thinking it got my face and kept sending them to people, you’ve saved my whole life

  • mal

    that’s not working

  • mal

    that’s not working

  • Daiana

    You have to make sure to DOUBLE TAP it .-.

  • djihadist

    oh my god thank u so much i put one without my burka my husband was going to whip me very hard fortunately i found your website!

    • wq

      haha ur funny!!!

  • narcoboy19

    friend putted up to share him hell naa go somewhere….

  • Natasha

    Oh my god I just put up a nude and my friend saw it thank you so much

  • Claire

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH you must be Jesus !!!!!!! I did the same thing Emily x) uff.

  • Banana

    oh damn, u saved my dick. ty so much.

  • Anthony

    what does the eye symbol mean?

    • Yolo

      It means who has seen the story

  • Judy

    THANK YOU SO SO MUCH, i just posted the worlds most embarrassing mystory, you are a lifesaver <3 <3 <3

  • anonymous

    It Deletes From YOUR snapchat But NOT YOUR FRIENDS……They Can Still View It!

    • Kyle

      What do you mean exactly

      • Beebs

        everyone can still see your snapchat story, it just is deleted off your account so you cant see it or see who views it

    • anonymous

      It’s true. I deleted my account now, can your friends still see the story then??

      • lisa

        Do you know if they could still see it ?

  • abbie

    I deleted it as it said, got a phone call over an hour later to say it has just shown up on my friends accounts, so don’t trust it has gone completely because it might not have!!

  • Kristin

    Someone please help! This same thing happened to me but I didnt see this post yet so I unfriended everyone and then deleted my account. does that mean people could still see a story I accidentally published?!

  • Emily

    Can people still see your story, since it was sent out and you deleted it?

  • Amy

    Scariest thing ever to put something up by accident. xD I thought I couldn’t delete it so I unfriended everyone and swore to never use snapchat again, but looks like it turned out okay. ;)

  • Carla

    Jesus Christ omg I literally almost wanted to cry when I posted this super ugly selfie by mistake. Thank you, you’ve literally saved my life.

  • Adam

    well I just lost a potential girl friend HAHA

  • katie

    How do I clear my feed that iv sent or received

  • David

    Will you able to edit story after you post them like I wanna remove a filter etc

  • whoops69

    well my dick pic was on it for a minute but thank god i found this site….i was shittin bricks

  • Beth

    It doesn’t work anymore

  • suzy

    I deleted my photo which I accidently added to my story, yet people are telling me it’s still there, what do I do :(.
    One friend said it went and other said it’s still there and sent me the embarrassing pic. Help!!!

  • bassett

    since nobody really knows how it works 100% ill tell you all how it is.

    If you put something on your story and delete it, people can still see it for 24hrs
    HOWEVER they can only view it under recent.

    WHAT THIS MEANS is that it will show up under recent and they can view it, but if they go back to your name under contacts it will not be there.

    ****it simply stops them from viewing it over and over like a normal story

    if u posted a nude, sorry, but anyone who checks snapchat daily will probably see it once.
    thats just how it works, and you fucked up. WHAT DID YOU LEARN?


      what you need to do, to stop ppl from viewing your recent is go to settings,
      Who can view my snaps? —> friends only

      delete all friends for 24hrs


  • Samuel

    Thanks guys. Lifesaver.

  • Bigm

    If you delete a contact after you have posted a story, will it still be viewable to said user.

  • megan

    On my phone there is no gear what does that mean