How do I contact thee? Let me count the ways

For this post, I’m going to need a little bit of concentration, thinking if you will. Please be thorough as I ask the following question.

Lets say you need to contact your brother, what ways can you contact him? What about your mother? A co-worker? A close friend? Odds are you easily came up with more than just one way. Probably 3-4, most likely more. Isn’t that amazing? This day and age there are many ways to contact people and most times they answer, which is always a bonus.

For many, especially in work settings, the preferred choice is email to stay in touch with those around you. However, a new study says that “web-based” e-mail is declining and is predicted to be gone in 10 years.

With the ability to contact individuals via phone, text, Facebook, Twitter, chat, Google Wave :), etc., sometimes email takes a back seat. The before mentioned study claims that young people are abandoning email in large numbers thanks to these newer, sometimes more convenient technologies.

Is email really on its way out though? Chief Marketing Officer David Politis from Isys technologies seems to doubt the study, claiming that the need to send attachments alone will keep email around for a while.

I would agree with this. I think that email has a long future and is just another arrow in our communication quiver in order to be able to nail our contacts. For example, if I need to get a hold of my brother, I just think about what will be the most effective way of getting a hold of him at that particular time. When at work, I know its fastest to send him a chat message, but on the weekend, text is usually best.

What do you think? Is email on its way out? What ways do you contact people? What is your preferred method? Sound off in the comments…


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