How Do I Use A Song From My Library As My Ringtone On A Nexus 4?

It’s actually a lot easier than you’d think. No need for any outside applications. The only downside is that you’ll need to do this from your computer, instead of just being able to do it from the phone itself.

Nexus 4 Media Device

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Step 1: Connect your phone to your computer. Make sure you select “Connect as Media device (MTP).

Mac Users – You will need to download Android File Transfer for this. It is free and very simple to use. This just enables you to get into the Nexus 4 folders via your computer.

Android File Transfer

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Windows Users – Nothing extra is needed.

Step 2: Open Android File Transfer (For Windows Users it’s just the Nexus 4 Folder) and find the “Ringtone” folder.

Nexus 4 Folders

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Step 3: Drag the song or sound file you want to use into this folder.

Nexus 4 Ringtones Folder

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Step 4: Disconnect from Computer

Step 5: On Nexus 4, go into Settings, Sound, and Phone Ringtone. The file you put in the folder is now on the list.

Nexus 4 Ringtones Screenshot

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Nexus 4 Sounds Screenshot

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If you want to start your ringtone in the center of the song or the chorus you’ll need to edit the sound file before you put it in the Ringtone folder. I just do this in Garage Band.

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  • Rajesh

    This was quite easy.. Thanks…
    But Y shortcuts were not given in phone itself…. i’ve started to feel awkward on nexus 5 already…

  • tre

    Thanks!! Super easy with these instructions!

  • DancingMouse

    Great ….soooooo easy

  • Jordan

    Thanks, nice tutorial. it worked for me =)

  • Danai

    thx peace of cake :) nexus rules

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  • Don Smith

    OR just download ASTRO file manager for free from the play store and copy the song from the music file to your ringtone file. The ringtone file is located in the media file. No need for cords or computers. That’s why I love Google.

  • don mel

    good one there…very happy i can hear my song play as ma phone rings! thnx very much for ur tutorial

  • phani

    Thanks this is very useful. Can you also help me on how to remove google search widget from each screen?