How Does Pinterest Compare to Facebook?

In 2011, Pinterest exploded with popularity. Pinterest is a website which focuses on connecting people worldwide through shared interests. In the site you can post or pin different things that catch your eye or interest you. It’s like creating a bulletin board of videos, pictures and other forms of media to share with everyone.

When I first heard of Pinterest, I thought, “Oh no, another Facebook knock-off.” Let’s face it; nothing can beat Facebook in the race for most popular social networking website. But, day after day, I would hear more and more about the website. I was interested in what exactly the website was, how it worked, and why it was so popular.

As it turns out, Pinterest is hardly a social networking website. It’s more like a visual representation of what people like and want other people to see. It’s almost an enhanced version of the way Facebook uses its “like” and “follow” features. See, in Facebook you can follow a page, like a music genre, and see how many of your friends are interested in the same page. Pinterest is different, and in my opinion better than the way Facebook shares interests between people. The pictures and videos you see on Pinterest are out in the open and are easier than searching for those interests on Facebook.

Basically the concept is, whatever catches your eye, you will click on. Once you click on the thing that catches your eye, you can be taken directly to the website where that picture came from. For example, a picture of a dessert that catches your eye could lead you to a recipe of that dessert or a bakery where that dessert is made. It’s an ingenious idea for a website and I don’t know why anyone didn’t think of it before.


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