How Do I Get A Date On Tinder?

It’s one of the hottest dating apps on the market today. If you’re single, or know someone who is single, then Tinder has probably been part of a conversation you’ve had recently.

But how does Tinder work, exactly?

How do you start using Tinder?

To start using Tinder, one simply needs to download the free app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. The app is a quick download, and once installed, users can begin setting up their Tinder profile.

Creating a Tinder profile:

Each user’s profile on Tinder is populated by their Facebook account, so you’ll need to connect Facebook to Tinder so that your photos, likes, and friends list can be populated into the Tinder app. Once your profile is populated, you can select which of your Facebook photos show up to other Tinder users.

Okay, I’m set up, now how does Tinder actually work?

As a Tinder user, you will “swipe” through photos of other Tinder users who are in your geographical area. In the Tinder settings, users can choose how far away they want to see profiles from, but the app basically comes down to swiping left if you are not interested in a user based off their photo, and swiping right if you are interested. If you need more details about a user, you can always “tap” on their picture and see more pictures, as well as a list of Facebook likes you have in common and any Facebook friends you have in common.

I swiped right on this really hot person, now what happens?

If you swipe left on a profile, essentially saying you’re not interested in them, chances are you’ll never see them again. If you swipe right, however…nothing will happen. Nothing, that is, until that person also swipes right on your profile. When two users both swipe right (or like) each other’s profile, Tinder will notify the users that a match has been made and allow the users to start instant messaging each other.

A match has been made, now what?

Well, at this point there are no instructions for what you do. Whether you’re looking to set up coffee, dinner, a walk on the beach, or start planning your lives together, what you do after Tinder triggers a match is up to you. If you have great Tinder stories, though, you definitely should share them with us in the comments.

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