How Dropbox Works

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Being able to access your files from any computer or device.  Getting instant updates and changes to files altered by coworkers.  Does that sound convenient?  Once you get used to it, it’ll be impossible to go back.  Dropbox allows you to upload your files and access them from any device with an internet connection.

You can use Dropbox in a variety of ways:  The website,  Downloading the program to your computer, or through your phone or tablet on iOS, Android, or Windows.

When you sign up for Dropbox you get 2 Gig of storage for free.  You can get more storage through friend referrals (500MB per friend, up to 16Gig), selecting to auto upload your photos (up to 3Gig), or purchasing one the storage plans.


Once logged in, you can upload any files that you would like to save to Dropbox.  If you want a folder that can be accessed by other people, create a Shared Folder.  Select the folder, then click on “Invite to Folder,” located on the top banner.  You’ll invite others to your folder via email.  If at any time you want to remove somebody from the shared folder you can go to Shared Folder Options (located in the same place), and it will give you the option to kick out individual members, or Unshare the folder completely.  Any member can download and modify any files in the shared folder.

If you want to share files or photos with somebody that doesn’t have Dropbox or a large group of people (Social Media), you can select Share Link.  Anyone can click on the link and view the files whether or not they have Dropbox.

To make changes to a file, you download the file, edit, save, then upload the saved file under the same name to replace the old version.  I use the website for viewing, printing, or sharing files.

Downloaded Program

The easiest way to use Dropbox is by downloading the program directly to your computer.  This doesn’t work if you are using a public computer, but on a personal or work computer it’s fantastic.  Once downloaded, the Dropbox folder is in your files right next to My Documents.  So when you saving a file for the first time, select Dropbox as it’s location, and it’s automatically uploaded.

Any time you save the document, anybody that is shared with that folder will receive a notification at their screen.  It is just so easy.

DropBox Notification

Phone or Tablet

One of the greatest uses of Dropbox on your phone or tablet is automatic photo backup.  When you select to automatically upload your photos, you will be given more storage each time you take photos until you reach the 3 Gig cap.  It also means that if your phone gets lost or stolen, you’ll still have your pictures.  When you have Dropbox on your phone, it means you have access to your files anywhere you are.  The files do not take up storage space because they are stored online, so it does mean that you’ll need a connection to retrieve them.  Any changes you make to your files from your phone will be reflected in the Dropbox file on all shared devices.

Dropbox is extremely secure.  All default settings are that files are for your eyes only, but they do make it very easy to share.

Keep your work safe with storage designed for 99.999999999% durability. – Security Features

So if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go.  You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to share your photos, work on team projects, and share large files without hassle.  Get started now at

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