How I made an app to help you cheat while playing Letterpress

A couple weeks ago my friend came to me with an app idea: A Letterpress Cheat App. I agreed that we could do it, but that we’d need to do it quickly before the market was flooded. We made the app free, and it’s available in the store today.

Design and Launch

We spent more time on the app than we should have. We created the app in only a few days, but gave it quite a bit of polish and finish. This is by far the best Letterpress Cheat app on the store today.

The app is designed to not only tell you a good word, but to tell you the best word:

  • Works with screenshots from any Letterpress theme (Yes, even Pop), device, and orientation (portrait or landscape).
  • It comes with strategy tips so that you can get better, and enjoy the game even more.
  • The ranked words for each game are saved, so that the second or third time you add a screenshot to the same game, it’s nearly instantaneous.
  • We’ll show you which letters to play for each word, so you can maximize your score and position.
  • The app includes every one of the 271,377 words that Letterpress allows, so you won’t miss a single opportunity.

We have been working with Apple for a couple weeks now trying to get the app approved. It’s now on the store and ready to play.

Go ‘Smurf’ your friends

Why just beat your friends when you can crush them. We’d love to see all of our users feel the joy of a completely blue board. We call it ‘Smurfing’. Go download the app and ‘Smurf’ your friends, it’s free to try.

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Joshua Howland

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