How Long Will Sprint’s Unlimited Data Last?

Sprint is the only carrier to offer unlimited data on the iPhone 4S in the US.

With “World phone” capability, the iPhone is now more accessible than ever before. It is finally available on three major US networks: AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

Sprint paid through the nose to get the ability to sell the iPhone. Rumor has it that Sprint secured $20 billion worth of iPhones to sell. So far it looks like it might be paying off for  Sprint. The iPhone 4S was their biggest “product family” launch ever. It helps that they are the only carrier to offer unlimited data, and it’s only $10.

How does Sprint’s speed compare?

Unlimited data for $10 is an incredible deal, but how fast is it?

Data speeds vary from city to city, but here’s how each of the carriers fared in the test:

Verizon seemed to have a lower ping and loaded small things faster, but AT&T had a higher average download speed. About all that Sprint has going for it is the cheaper and unlimited data plan.

Price comparison

Sprint’s pricing is really simple: $10/month… and it’s unlimited.

Verizon starts at $30/month for 2 GB and costs $10 for each extra GB.

AT&T starts at $15/month for 200 MB of data. 2 GB is $25/month and each extra GB costs $10.

Here’s how Sprint puts it:

Here’s a full chart:

Will the iPhone kill Sprint’s unlimited plan?

Sprint’s data plan is unlimited and significantly cheaper than the others, but the influx of data-hungry iPhone users force them to shut down the unlimited data plan?

It happened to Verizon last year, and it is very likely to happen to Sprint.

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