How Many Apps Are In The App Store? (2013)


While the correct answer for this question changes every single day, this post attempts to put into perspective the sheer size of Apple’s App Store. These figures are current as of today, October 9, 2013.

Total Number of Active Apps (available for download): 849,813

Total Number of Inactive Apps (not available for download): 368,422

Combine the two figures and we know there have been more than 1.2 million apps live in the App Store at some point. Developers can choose to make their apps no longer available if they’re outdated or no longer serve a purpose, or if they’ve released a newer version that replaces the original. Also, if an app that was approved by Apple at one point is later taken down, it’s considered Inactive.

Another interesting figure: there are more than 225,000 different active developers who have submitted apps. That amounts to almost 4 apps per developer account, on average. How fast are apps added to the App Store? Again, as of today, new apps are added at a rate of 942 per day, or 39 each hour.


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